Paranoid Style, Take 2

I recently had a conversation that led me to revisit Mark Fisher’s Flatline Constructs, and in particular, its final chapter, where Fisher undertakes a reading of John Carpenter’s In the Mouth of Madness to illustrate the ‘strange loops’ that characterize contemporary ‘cybernetic capitalism’—and, by extension, illuminate the ways in which capitalism is inducing a “schizophrenization of culture”. It’s […]

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“Anti-History”: La Deleuziana 10

The latest edition of the La Deleuziana journal is out—”Rhythm, Chaos, and the Nonpulsed Man”. It’s been put together by our friends over at Obsolete Capitalism/Rizosfera, and has some great contributors, including Ronald Bogue, Stefano Olivia, Claudio Kulesko and your’s truly. My paper, “Anti-History”, takes up some of the common themes of this blog (modern and non-modern […]

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