Iran-Contra and Domestic Counter-Intelligence Networks

When the whirlwind of complex, overlapping covert operations that is labeled, perhaps misleadingly, ‘Iran-Contra’ was revealed, the revelations came in the aftermath of the doomed flight of Eugene Hasenfus in October of 1986. His plane—owned by the CIA proprietary airline Southern Air Transport, and previously owned by notorious, intelligence-linked drug smuggler Barry Seal—had been shot […]

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My book is finally out! (Well, it dropped at the end of last month, but it has been a hectic past couple of weeks, so I’m just now getting around to making the blog announcment). It’s only availabe in Italian at the moment—there is an English edition that should come someday, but when that someday […]

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Jealousy of the Exchange

A humorously titled op-ed appeared in FT today (h/t to Vince Garton): “The ‘stonk’ bubble poses significant global risks”. It’s some grade-A Finacial Times doomsposting, bringing to my mind the wild days of the early coronacrunh, with its cacaophanous volley of doom loops, parabolic volatility, and inability to keep up with the minute-to-minute spiral of […]

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JFK Series 3: Wall Street Goes to Cuba

Elite Factionalism and Elite Alignment In his 1956 book, The Power Elite, C. Wright Mills wrote that “[t]he long-term tendency of business and government to more intricately and deeply involved with one another has… reached a new point in explicitness. The two cannot be seen as distinct worlds”. ‘American capitalism’ as a whole was identical […]

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JFK Series 1: Mongoose Mythos

I’ve had the pleasure of appearing on the Pseudodoxoly podcast of the notorious Kantbot for an extensive, 3.5 hour + conversation on the deep structures of CIA black operations, the dynamics of social milieus and the assassination of John F. Kennedy: There’s quite a bit of information that didn’t make it into the show, plus […]

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Note on Money and Taxation (#2)

A brief rejoinder to the previous post on Deleuze and Guattari’s neo-Chartalism— Alla Semenova and L. Randall Wray (of MMT) fame have a paper on the “Rise of Money and Class Society” that looks at the way that the state creation of money is historically tied to the emergence of class stratifications in society. It […]

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