I have a new article out in the current edition of American Affairs: “From Technocracy and Populism to Technopopulism”. It’s a bit of an expansion on my older blogpost “Technocracy and Populism”. Be sure to check it out! Today, developed nations such as the United States find themselves in a position of deindustrialization, which has locked […]

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New Class questions

There was an interesting twitter exchange between Nicolas Villarreal, Vole, and myself yesterday on the question of the New Class. Villarreal opened with a comment that I think is the hinge-point of the entire debate: Seems that the debate over whether the "new class" is actually a class hinges on whether human capital/intellectual labor is […]

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The Haze of Posthistory

The plot of the third season of HBO’s Westworld takes an unexpected leap: in moving from the titular park to the external world, what is found is not the anarchic capitalism of the cyberpunk genre that so influenced it, but an earth held under the sway of an invisible regime of near-total planning and administration. Not […]

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Speculations on Post-Covid America

That globalization as it has been known, from its beginnings in the 70s and 80s and rapid acceleration in the ‘posthistorical’ 90s through today, has been under threat is not a new observations. Ever the target of discontent, it was the enemy of choice for a hosts of movements, formal and informal, that spanned the […]

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The Invisible Landscape

The essay below is the rough draft of a paper I penned sometime last year, but for various reasons I think that it remains a bit too fragmented and all over the place to be treated as more than a lengthy blog post. Despite being about the intersection of some of my favorite topics—weird American […]

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Tactile Power

A new internet is incoming. As reported by Financial Times yesterday, the “New IP”—a proposed paradigm-shift in the architecture of the web—was unveiled before the United Nations’ International Telecom Union by Huawei, China Unicom, and China Telecom. It’s a bid to rework the rework the existing IP addressing system by allowing devices in a common network to […]

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Maybe COVID will finally realise the dream of 1990s sociology and its 'network society': the end of face-to-face contact and the full virtualisation of the public sphere. — Anton Jäger (@AntonJaegermm) March 10, 2020 Harvard University is closing for remote learning. The rest will follow. — John Robb (@johnrobb) March 10, 2020 It plays well […]

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