Subcultural Blues

Rhett has a great new post up on his blog: “The Curse of the Silent Houses”, which has finally helped me to dislodge some thoughts that have been swirling about in my noggin, but haven’t been able to quite put into words (if I’m now able to is another story). The topic of the post, […]

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Paranoid Style, Take 2

I recently had a conversation that led me to revisit Mark Fisher’s Flatline Constructs, and in particular, its final chapter, where Fisher undertakes a reading of John Carpenter’s In the Mouth of Madness to illustrate the ‘strange loops’ that characterize contemporary ‘cybernetic capitalism’—and, by extension, illuminate the ways in which capitalism is inducing a “schizophrenization of culture”. It’s […]

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“Anti-History”: La Deleuziana 10

The latest edition of the La Deleuziana journal is out—”Rhythm, Chaos, and the Nonpulsed Man”. It’s been put together by our friends over at Obsolete Capitalism/Rizosfera, and has some great contributors, including Ronald Bogue, Stefano Olivia, Claudio Kulesko and your’s truly. My paper, “Anti-History”, takes up some of the common themes of this blog (modern and non-modern […]

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I stayed up entirely too late last night reading about Russia’s Institute for Dynamic Conservatism (IDK) and it’s concept/agenda of ‘super-industrialism’. It’s the opening of a rabbit-hole leading through the avant-garde visions of Russia’s contemporary ‘neoconservative’ milieu to the problems facing the country’s long-term economic development, resulting from the crisis of the Soviet Union and […]

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Frenetic Standstill

At the extreme, signs and significations which are nothing more than significations will lose all meaning. At the extreme looms the shadow of what we will call ‘the great pleonasm’: the unmediated passing into the unmediated and the everyday recorded just as it is is everyday—the event grasped, pulverized and transmitted as rapidly as light […]

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Technocracy and Populism

An interesting convergence of two sets of writings on populism and technocracy drifted across the tl yesterday: the latest issue of American Affairs, dedicated to the ongoing evaporation of laissez-faire’s hegemonic status in American thought, and a paper on the politics of Italy’s Five Star Movement (5MS) and Spain’s Podemos as being “techno-populist” in orientation. The […]

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Engels and his Eternal Law of Value

I’ve promised a lengthy post on the so-called ‘transformation problem’, and it will come—eventually. There’s a lot to compile, because I think that the history of the transformation problem debate is as interesting as the theoretical content of each turn of the debate, and it seems to me that examining its various snaking pathways goes […]

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