Foreshadows of a Great War

This morning I came across this fragment by Engels this morning, penned in 1887 as the introduction to a pamphlet by Sigismund Ludwig Borkheim (a veteran of the revolutions of 1848 and member of the International Workingmen’s Association) titled “In Memory of the German Arch-Patriots of 1806-1807″. Engels in this period was flirting with the theories […]

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Technocracy and Populism

An interesting convergence of two sets of writings on populism and technocracy drifted across the tl yesterday: the latest issue of American Affairs, dedicated to the ongoing evaporation of laissez-faire’s hegemonic status in American thought, and a paper on the politics of Italy’s Five Star Movement (5MS) and Spain’s Podemos as being “techno-populist” in orientation. The […]

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Annihilation of Space

Koselleck’s essay “Does History Accelerate?”—to be found in the recently-published collection of his late works, Sediments of Time—is full of brilliant historical notes on the “annihilation of space by time”, highlighting the importance of revolutions in transportation and communication in producing these socially-palpable effects. Hat tip to MF Doomer for drawing my attention to this paper! […]

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Engels and his Eternal Law of Value

I’ve promised a lengthy post on the so-called ‘transformation problem’, and it will come—eventually. There’s a lot to compile, because I think that the history of the transformation problem debate is as interesting as the theoretical content of each turn of the debate, and it seems to me that examining its various snaking pathways goes […]

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