Coronacrunch 2 / Industrial Policy Round-Up 3

Rana Foroohar: The coronavirus outbreak is very likely the thing that tips us into full-blown recession; I would put that risk at pretty close to 50% for 2020 — Financial Times (@FinancialTimes) March 9, 2020 “This is the big one”, declare Rana Foroohar and Edward Luce inΒ FT. This ‘big one’ is the active threat […]

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ViaΒ Foreign Policy: “Get ready for closed borders and crashing markets”. It’s an article where the liberal commentariat finally crashes into full doomercore mode, detailing a series of escalating, mutually-reinforcing tendencies capable of, at the limit, tearing apart the world order as we know it. James Palmer, the piece’s author (and FP’s Beijing-based senior editor), proposes […]

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