Empire at the End

Last night realized that I missed a golden opportunity in my last postโ€”which began with the relationship/contrast between the delirium of the West and the imperial ecumenon as described by Deleuze and Guattari, and which ended at the weird of the 1970sโ€”to mention Philip K. Dick and his time-scrambling suggestion that us (post)moderns are, in […]

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Viaย Foreign Policy: “Get ready for closed borders and crashing markets”. It’s an article where the liberal commentariat finally crashes into full doomercore mode, detailing a series of escalating, mutually-reinforcing tendencies capable of, at the limit, tearing apart the world order as we know it. James Palmer, the piece’s author (and FP’s Beijing-based senior editor), proposes […]

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Subcultural Blues

Rhett has a great new post up on his blog: “The Curse of the Silent Houses”, which has finally helped me to dislodge some thoughts that have been swirling about in my noggin, but haven’t been able to quite put into words (if I’m now able to is another story). The topic of the post, […]

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