Time and Epic

I’ve recently decided to read through a series of works that could be described as ‘romantic anti-capitalism’ (or subjectivist anti-capitalist, vitalist anti-capitalism, though none of these really capture the nature of this constellation, often Marxist but also proto-Marxist, but whatever): the writings of the young Lukács, young Gramsci, Lucien Goldmann, Ernst Bloch, etc. Lukács’ The Theory […]

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The Haze of Posthistory

The plot of the third season of HBO’s Westworld takes an unexpected leap: in moving from the titular park to the external world, what is found is not the anarchic capitalism of the cyberpunk genre that so influenced it, but an earth held under the sway of an invisible regime of near-total planning and administration. Not […]

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I stayed up entirely too late last night reading about Russia’s Institute for Dynamic Conservatism (IDK) and it’s concept/agenda of ‘super-industrialism’. It’s the opening of a rabbit-hole leading through the avant-garde visions of Russia’s contemporary ‘neoconservative’ milieu to the problems facing the country’s long-term economic development, resulting from the crisis of the Soviet Union and […]

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