World Commerce Corporation & Developing Jamaica

In the latest Pseudcast episode, we tackled the World Commerce Corporation (WCC), a mysterious entity defined as a “commercially-oriented espionage net” by its founder, OSS man William Donovan. With deep ties to American and British services, the WCC operated as something like an invisible cartel, working obliquely in a variety of fields across the world. […]

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JFK Series 3: Wall Street Goes to Cuba

Elite Factionalism and Elite Alignment In his 1956 book, The Power Elite, C. Wright Mills wrote that “[t]he long-term tendency of business and government to more intricately and deeply involved with one another has… reached a new point in explicitness. The two cannot be seen as distinct worlds”. ‘American capitalism’ as a whole was identical […]

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JFK Series 1: Mongoose Mythos

I’ve had the pleasure of appearing on the Pseudodoxoly podcast of the notorious Kantbot for an extensive, 3.5 hour + conversation on the deep structures of CIA black operations, the dynamics of social milieus and the assassination of John F. Kennedy: There’s quite a bit of information that didn’t make it into the show, plus […]

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